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April 14 2012
Posted by rssmix  [ 08:46 ]

Release Year: 2011

Genres: Straight, Masturbation, Lesbo, Glory hole, Blowjob

Video language: English

Alice in Wonderland- A XXX Parody, is a sexy medley of perverted hijinx that will enhance and expand your curious mind.
Starring adult film Superstar Jessica Drake as the voice of Alice, you will be aroused and captivated by the sexual debauchery of Alice & her friends.

File size: 432.9 MB

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April 10 2012
Posted by rssmix  [ 16:22 ]

Princess - Zelda. Princess Zelda - a fictional character in a series of video games are usually abducted or imprisoned. This game shows what is involved in the stolen princess in prison.

Language: Japanese

File size: 282.5 MB

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April 05 2012
Posted by rssmix  [ 18:07 ]

To run the Flash Image Viewer, do the following:

Extract the contents of the .rar file to your desktop or folder of your choice
If you are on 19201080, double click the index.html file and view it in your browser
If you are on 16801050 or lower, double click on the preview.swf file
After the .swf has opened, click the ?full screen? icon on the bottom right of the player
Narrative text appears as you mouse over the main image
Enjoy! Feel free to ignore the narrative if you want!

File size: 50.7 MB

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Posted by rssmix  [ 14:14 ]

Today?s Media of the Day come to us from Darkway. Like his name implies, his style invokes the darker themes in 3DX and this one is no exception. The girl here is fucked by three creatures as they ravage her three holes. One of the creatures forces her to suck on his cock while the other two penetrate her below. It seems for this girl that there is only a dark future for her to look forward to.

File size: 35.0 MB

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April 04 2012
Posted by rssmix  [ 14:45 ]

Release : Apr/04/2012

To save the kidnapped women, princess Ash*lia (Ashe) learned the whereabouts of the thieves' den.
However, what was waiting for her was a sexual assault trap...

In the middle of the series, I created this Final Fantasy 12 theme project with a better title.

The realistic textures and hardcore play for you!
Enjoy the high quality movie in 1920x1080 size!

Continuous orgasms, womb collapse, defiled heart and body. Princess beautifully breaks down!

* Prologue -The Violation Begins-
* Restraint Electric Dildo & Continuous Orgasms
* Gut Plump Aphrodisiac Enema Suffering
* Massive Ashamed Squirting
* Extreme Power Drill Electric Dildo Womb Destruction
* Rear Entry Violent Piston
* Anal Bang
* Missionary Ego Collapse
* Copious Creampie Spunk Squirting
* Epilogue

File size: 3.0 GB

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April 02 2012
Posted by rssmix  [ 17:10 ]

Release Year: 2012

Studio: AKATA

Genres: Anal, Big tits, Group, Gangbang, DP, Rape, Knight, Monsters, Werewolf

Video language: English

Woman taken by surprise, won two and a werewolf, does not bite or anything, began to not peculiar to their species, and behavior.

Format: lavfpref

Duration: 9:28

Video: 768x576, AVC (H.264), 2860kbps

Audio: 187kbps

File size: 211.5 MB

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April 01 2012
Posted by rssmix  [ 15:57 ]

Release : Mar/30/2012

The young priestess was wet with ashamed arousal.
Tentacles pinned her down in the abandoned ruins of the
church of the Abyssal Forest. Aphrodisia flooded her soul,
tendrils slurped her breasts and slid between her
yearning thighs. It was the rape of a thousand touches...
exquisite... merciless... and in her bloated womb a nexus of
pleasure exploded!!!

Her powers depleted and her body a tarnished vessel of depravity,
and with a phallus in every sloven orifice there was no choice but to accept.
She let out a cry, her ecstasy echoing in the spires.

* Intense! Fallen heroine XXX fantasy returns!
The 3rd high quality restraint / assault / slave MOVIE series
cums hard with multiple camera angles and finishing shots,
jizzum washing out her drenched-with pleasure mouth and womb!

* Upgraded 3DCG in every way!
More beautiful skin, more sensual motion, more anguished facial expressions!
EVERY technology has been revamped, upgraded or newly created for
this film: erotic motion ver. 4, skin system ver. 6, love liquid ver. 3.5 +
sex scenes animated with the all new 3S SYSTEM 2.0 (Hot!!)

File size: 1.6 GB

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March 31 2012
Posted by rssmix  [ 19:57 ]

Adult Source Media is proud to present the next feature from our Award-Wining 3D CGI Animation studio, "Alice In Wonderland- A XXX Animated Parody."
Featuring state of the art 3D animation, follow the story of grown up adult Alice as she discovers Underland & it's cast of deviant characters. Strange....Surreal.....Magic....Follow Alice down the hole & experience a whole new level of psychedelic sexiness!

Alice In Wonderland- A XXX Animation Parody, is a sexy medley of perverted hijinx that will enhance & expand your curious mind. Starring adult film Superstar Jessica Drake as the voice of Alice, you will be aroused and captivated by the sexual debauchery of Alice & her friends. Strap yourself in for a journey that delivers a unique, erotic adventure for the ages. The latest in animated erotica from Multi-Award-Winning animation studio, Adult Source Media.

DVD Features
- English Language
- No Regional Coding
- Uncensored - No Mosaic
- Photo Gallery

2012 AVN Award: Best Animated Release

File size: 3.2 GB

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March 18 2012
Posted by rssmix  [ 07:44 ]

Release : Mar/16/2012

This is a super upgraded vesion of "Pretty Warrior May Cry"(Bishoujo no kuse ni namaikida) in 2D style!
We did alot improvement and added alot interesting stuff to it. Most important, you can customize the story in this version!
Note: This is a stand alone game,you don't have to purchase "Pretty Warrior May Cry" in order to run this game.

Game Play:
1,You play as the demon lord, Create your dungen by digging, You can customize your own labyrinth and place your monster in there, wait for the warriors coming.You need train and upgrade your monster army, You have 12 races in total.
2, The male monster will rape the female warriors, And the female monster can attract the male warriors. While they having sex, the High-res animations will be displayed real-time in the right window. But to defeat the same sex enemies can only though fighting. In this version,We improved all the animations, Makes them looks in 2D style, each animation has 3 versions,with different damage degree of clothes and different body state.
3, We added a combo system, if you put multiple monsters in a fixed order, it will trigger a combo gangbang, And the gangbang animations will show.
4, Each race of monster have their own ability, Some can make warriors weak, Some can slow them down, Some can split, And some can fly, etc. We improved the special alibilty of the monsters, And their special alibilty can be improved by training, Which makes the game more interesting.
5, Once you successfully captured a warrior, you can torture and rape her/him after battle, Train her/him to your slave, Then you will be able to use her/him to against your enemy in next battle. We added alot animations to torque room, now you can use all the monsters to torque the heros.
6, You can collect items in battle, to help create your new monsters.

1, There are 16 chapters in story mode, With interesting story and funny dialog. We didn't make any change to the main story in this version, But we brought you a much better thing, We made a story editor, you can easily use it to customize your own story, own level design. And we provided a web space for you to share your story to other players, you can also download and play their good stories.

2, Variational weathers and terrains in each map.
3, Three sexy CV for the voices.
4, New CG system, You will be able to turn the view angle 360 degrees for alot animations(30 in total, We added 23 in this version!)
5, Creative game design, The normal gameplay window in the left, 3D animations real-time playing in the right window.
6, Different levels of game difficulty you can choose. In this version, you can play the storyline again and again by keeping all your game data, each time, the game difficulty will incress abit.
7, Highly optimized the system requirement for nice performance, In Game Options panel You can also disable some special effects for quicker performance. In this version, We improved the game performance alot, If you have a good graphic card, you can choose the GPU supported version to play.
8, 12 races of monsters plus 3 kinds of slaved warriors , all have their unique sex animations. This time, we have 125 animations in total!

Other improvement:
1, Now you can hold "Ctrl" and use your mouse to drag and select multiple bricks, then dig them all by press SPACE key.

2, Heros' clothes can be break by 3 stages, and their body state and the sex animations will be different in each state too.

3, We added alot gangbang scene to this version.

4, Hell hound got a much better look and more useful now.

5, You can choose tactics for each monster, and we increased the AI for this part, especially for Dragon.

6, Endless mode will record how many heros you defeated now, what's your high scores?

7, Again, All animations looks much more beautiful than before! We know you love 2D style!

File size: 1.0 GB

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March 16 2012
Posted by rssmix  [ 17:42 ]

3D heroine be created with full cooperation of Love doll maker, and the overwhelming presence!
This work was determined sublimation can not be expressed in the beauty as a woman real doll is not even in the anime love doll shaders, real-time 3D game to a whole new.
Outdoors, "Rabugaru" was studied up to Hakone Omomui love doll with life-size indoor Hatewa from that camera crew.
Sex scene was thoroughly stuck to the motion, such as the service provided more than 180 sex-position-foreplay.
Movement of the tongue, such as liquid or representation made by three-dimensional shock vigilant work fine until the place!

Total size: 7.7 GB in 2 files.

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March 15 2012
Posted by rssmix  [ 16:15 ]

The kingdom of the Great King fell at the hands of the barbarians. Now his daughter, the Princess, raping Barbarians in all her little holes.
+ Patch file with pictures

File size: 430.2 MB

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March 08 2012
Posted by rssmix  [ 10:03 ]

Release : Mar/07/2012

Inflecting, parasitical, tentacled ...T Angel attacks.

Neon G*sis Evangelion 3D adult animation works
< M*kinami Mari Il*trious>

This time the sexual of the unknown beings "Angel" is coming to attack.
The parasitized Shinji is completely turning into a tentacled monster for breeding.
A terribly tentacled rape is ready for M*kinami...

* 30fps full animation
* Animation Technique "3Dmix2D" adopted
* Animation resolution 800*600

File size: 151.2 MB

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